Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Scooter and Werewolves

I FINALLY got my scooter back from the repair shop this morning! Seriously, took forever to just get it down there and then have them look at the damn thing. They literally called me Saturday night after they had finally looked at it and told me what they needed to do and come Tuesday... it was done. Not only did I have to wait in a line for them to come pick it up (since they are in American Fork) but then it had to wait in line from those that had already been there before they even looked at it! grrrr...

Well, regardless of the stress and painful amount of time it took, it's back! And just in time for winter. :P I am just happy to be mobile and doing it on my own for now. :D No more rides, no more mom's car, no more Bus! yay!

Also, this weekend, I hosted an awesome night of Werewolves at my house on Saturday night. The weather was great and was not too cold. With blankets and pillows sprawled out in my backyard, a good 18 people were playing any given game. And then as it grew later, we all piled around my home made fire pit, cuddled up in blankets and chairs and played by the full moon light.

We plan on grouping up during the full moons as kind of a basis for when the next game shall be. I hope to be able to invite more of my veteran werewolf friends so we can be uber leet experts and really enjoy werewolves as it was meant to be. Ultimate werewolves is right up our alley as well. I can't wait to share it with my friends.

OH OH! The very last game... I was a werewolf AND WON! It was gloooooorius!!! But I am pretty sure my friends hate me now and don't ever wanna play with me again or will just kill me off right from the start. O.o I lied so good and played them just as good. Being a werewolf is so much fun! You should try it. :P


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