Saturday, May 31, 2008

Guess who I saw?

You'll never guess who came into Macaroni Grill tonight. My old High School Drama teacher, Mr. Stokoe!

It was so crazy! He totally looked the very same and totally remembered me. lol. From being Luther Billis in South Pacific to The Prince of Aragon in The Merchant of Venice. It was a hoot to see him and look back at all the things we did in High School.

We laughed and we reminisced about old memories. Like the time after practice when Mr Stokoe comes running down the Choir hall screaming about "pipes" and "a flood"after Chad Taylor and I were leaving rehearsal. We ran back stage to a shower of water and like 3"of water on the ground. Some pipe broke in the dressing rooms and water was EVERYWHERE! lol! We frantically threw towels, blankets, whatever we could find down at the doorways to the stage. All he wanted to do was stop the water from damaging the wood on the actual stage. I remember coming back stage and thinking Holy Crap! I was in awe as I walked through the flooded hallway when a Ceiling tile came crashing down behind me. I screamed like a girl no doubt. But in the end we got the water turned off and all was well. Good times.

His wife and kids were at the Grill celebrating his sons birthday. I got to Sing Happy Birthday in Italian like I do but it was great to be doing it for his son. It's so nice to share a moment like that with people I know and care about. I guess I love doing it. Especially for an old High School teacher like Mr. Stokoe.


(I need to get my old pictures digitized so I can share them with all of you.)

Friday, May 30, 2008

Lacquer Thinner Flame Thrower = FUN

My roommate, Jon, and his Flame throwing, Laquer thinner, Paint sprayer. He is NUTS!
This is in our backyard last summer. We had left over laquer thinner from painting my dresser and bookcase. So what does he do with it? Light it on fire of course! no wonder he is missing a piece of his finger. lol.
Love ya Jon!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Which World Of Warcraft Character Are You?

This Survey says I am a Druid.. but In real life I am a Warrior! A Tank to be exact. I take all the beatings, the ridicule, the teasing, the bullies, the hard hitting stuff, and oh yeah... I do that in WoW too. :P

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Aliens vs. My Roommate...

All of us know that Aliens is a freaking awesome movie. Hands down. No question about it. right? I just got finished watching it with my Roommate and he thought it was... "Okay".

OKAY? He's like, "I've seen better.", "It was too slow.", "Can't really call that an Action movie.", "Too much drama.", "I've seen scarier movies.". GAH!

What is the deal? It's ALIENS! Best sequel ever made! He'd never seen it before so I was trying to introduce to the coolness of Aliens. It's a pretty damn good movie IMO. (in my opinion)

Just thought I'd vent for a sec. /Argh

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Promotion at the Mac Shack!

I just thought I'd tell you all that my job is getting "enhanced" in a matter of speaking. I work at Macaroni Grill as a Singer/Host. I sing in Italian for customers Birthday's and any other occasion that should permit a celebration of some sorts. It's kind of fun and I guess I'm good at it, seeing that my job is developing into a new position. Yay!

I'm going to become the "Singer Trainer". They think I do such a great job with the guests, they want me to help develop the other singers (there is only one other singer atm but they will hire more when this system gets put in place) and teach them what to do, what songs to sing, and also some Vocal technique and diction. I basically get to teach them voice lessons. Kind of cool!

I had to learn pretty much everything on my own and brought a lot of ideas in when I came on. I made my job what it is today pretty much just by doing what I saw needed to be done. I'm pretty sure this will result in a raise along with the new position. I'm making sure of that before they start requiring me to do things outside of my original job description.

They really want to keep me and have made that very clear to me. I started this job with the intention to quit. It was supposed to be a "Fun" job so I could get some experience singing and make some cash while in school. It's turned out to be pretty worthwhile. I'm valued and measures have been taken to keep me there. This is just the latest one.

I'm excited to finally have the chance to teach others what I have learned. If you know anyone that is remotely looking to Sing while on the job, let them know that Macaroni Grill is looking for talented singers. It's fun, low pressure, and best of all, you get to learn to sing with me! :P

Anyway, if you haven't come to see me sing, COME! Several family members and friends already have and I really do appreciate it. It's great to be supported in something as small as this. Not a weekend goes by that I don't see someone I know or who knows me. Honestly, I'm not joking. It's crazy. Thanks for saying hi!


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Roxxor Loops

In France last year, we participated in a festival where this guy, Roxxor Loops, came to perform in. He's a "beat boxer" or whatever you call it.
It was so fun to hear him. He can do some pretty amazing things. We actually got to meet him and invited him to "beat box" to one of our songs in our concert one night. It was pretty funny. I don't know if we got video or even audio of it but I will ask around and see. :P

Here are some videos my friends got of him performing on stage in Vaison a la Romaine in France.


Saturday, May 17, 2008

Pictures from Europe

I have my Pictures from Europe organized! I made a link to a slide show I made of at least the ones from England.
I only selected the ones I thought you might wanna see... A lot of the pictures I have are of random people and things that really wouldn't make sense to most of you. So I spared you that pain of those.

If you are interested in seeing what I did last Summer, go ahead and click on the Flag in The-Pictures to go to the slide show. Enjoy!


P.S. I haven't finished the pics from France so that link does not work yet.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Something to look at... ?

I finally have Pictures from my Trip to England and France last year.

This is me at Stratford upon Avon. It's where Shakespeare was born and also where he is buried today.

Anyway, look for more pictures as I continue to pull them out to look at.


Starting a New!

Today, I begin my new blog... again. I have decided that I want to start my blog back up again. I will try to keep you updated as much as i can to what's going on in my life atm. that's short for "at the moment". :P

So look for more posts and this time ... with pictures!