Monday, September 18, 2006

The never ending sickness...

Well, it's been a few weeks now since I got sick and I think I am finally at the end of it. I have a moderate cough now but it has simmered down a bit in the last couple of days. I still am not wanting to eat very much though and I've lost some weight. Just in like my face and arms I think (at least that's what Jim told me).

I have been drinking water and taking my Flintstones vitamins daily and that has helped a whole bunch. Last week though, I woke up every morning with a desire to puke and I did. I believe my stomach was telling me I needed to eat more and especially breakfast. I had been going to school with scratchy voice but going none the less. However, thursday I bailed on school to try and not throw up in the morning. I did EVERYTHING I could to not puke. And guess what? I didn't!! I was so happy! :) I think I had finally got my physical health back under control.

Being that my voice was pretty messed up from losing it, I had to work hard to try and sing at all. My voice teacher told me to not sing or to sing only a little until I felt like enough was enough. I had been doing good and my choir teacher understood where I was coming from and let me just sit in class to take notes. At this point last week, I had developed a cough and was "hacking up a lung", as my stupid roommate called it, pretty much non stop.

School today was alot better. I feel great and energetic but still frustrated that my voice is NOT back up to par. I'm a freaking first Tenor and I can't maintain a dumb E most of the time. My high range is pretty much shot for right now. I can reach the note, scratch-aly, but can't make it sound good or consistently sing it. UGH!! Vocal Major my eye!!

We have a concert on Friday and I have memorized my music llike everyone else but I STILL need to practice with the actual choir and sing. Oh well, I think by the end of the week I should be better. Unless I catch some other dumb virus. STAY AWAY FROM DOUG!!! YOU ARE NOT WELCOME!!! Do you think that worked?

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Gingivostomatitis the name of the Virus that I had contracted in the last week. It sucks!

It all started last Tuesday night when I, after a very good eating at Cafe Rio, had emptied my entire belly in only two minutes through a very loud and disturbing puking session. At first it seemed like it was just food poisoning when other puking sessions followed. Thursday morning, I had not eaten or drank very much of anything, I awoke feeling very uneasy and found my way upstairs to get some water. The toilet however was calling me once again. This time I puked NOTHING for my belly was empty and I began to shake and get dizzy. I had dehydrated myself and had very very low blood sugar. I really had no idea that his was only the beginning of a very long drawn out sickness.

I developed a fever and small white bumps in my throat. My throat was killing me and what do you do with a fever? Feed it! How in the world was I suppossed to do that!? After being nauseuos and now my throat being sore, food was not sounding very friendly to me. I continued to endure my water/milk/yogurt diet in hopes that i woudl be fione the next day.

Come Friday, I felt like it should be over by now. I decided to go to school and work but boy that was a bad idea. I was running a high fever all day and had no idea how to bring it down. I tried to drink as much as i could and I even got a frosty. I tried to go home early from work but NO ONE could cover for me. Even after asking my boss to close early, she refused and made me stay the entire time. Worst of all... it was PIZZA FRIDAY! My favorite Friday ever! I couldn't even have a slice my mouth hurt so much.

After work though, I convinced myself to go see a doctor,. I don't have insurance but I really needed to find out what the deal was. It was possibly Strep and if it was, I needed to get antibiotics to fix it. The doctor did the strep test and it came up negative. She told me I had a virus and that I just need to ride it through. You can imagine my disappointment. After a $85.00 appointment to find out there is nothing they can do or even tell me exactly what it was. LAME! I went home discouraged and hoped that the worst of it was over. WRONG!

The next morning my throat was COVERED in white bumps, fever was still high and now my gums were inflammed and my voice was gone. I had no voice at all and it hurt to talk. I was freaking out! Here I was, on Labor Day weekend, a Vocal Performance Major with no voice and still sick as ever. Was this going to get worse? What the hell did I have and would it damage my voice permenantly? When would it end? I couldn't miss anymore classes, especially it being the beginning of the semester.

At this point in time, my Sister and my mom found out I was sick. They came and visited me over the weekend. They brought me food and drinks like the great family they are. On Saturday night, I had a really rough night. I woke up and made myself some eggs like one of my roommates suggested. Around noon, I ralphed up everything I tried to eat that morning including those nasty eggs. This was getting out of hand. I absolutely broke down. I wasn't sure what to do anymore. I turned to my roommates for a blessing. The blessing was comforting and told me I would learn from this sickness and it would pass in time.

When I broke down, I had called my mom and expressed my concerns. So she came to see me Sunday and took me to Emergency Room at Cottonwood Hospital. After 2 bags of saline solution to re-hydrate me, the doctor gave me the diagnosis. Gingivostomatitis. A Herpes Simplex Virus that lasts for 7-10 days. I probably got from some one at school. He said it was a seasonal virus and usually see it during the begining of school. Other then that, I didn't get much more information about it. It's like a cancer sore when it comes to the herpes part of it. It's very contagious as long as the sores are there so I am to stay away from people until this goes away.

So here I am. I'm at my sister's now (she decided to take me home to take care of me) and it's been 8 days since the intial spew that Tuesday night. I have missed so much school and work. I feel so lazy doing nothing but drinking and sleeping. My voice has slighty come back and I hope I can go back to school tomorrow. At least, just to be there in choir to take down notes. Well, wish me luck and all.

Friday, September 01, 2006

School will be the death of me

I know it's been a month since I posted anything on here and I KNOW that everyone and there dog reads it, so I'll just update you on a couple of things.

I recently started school at the University of Utah and Have declared Vocal Performance as my major. Exciting I know. It was a toss up between Music education or that. I figured I would just shoot for the Stars with Vocal Performance. School has been a rough week and a half. Let me tell you how ridiculous my schedule is:

First of all I only have about 12.5 credits for this semester... you ready for this. I have SEVEN CLASSES!!! I am so freaking annoyed. Of the required classes that I am taking, three of them are 1 credit only and one is .5!!! And these are hour classes three times a week! Ugh! Well, after this first week, I will just have to adjust to this time consuming schedule. I also have a private voice lesson that is worth 3 credits but is only one hour a week! I really think this is a little bass akwards.

On another note, I auditioned and made it into the University Singers! I am so happy to be in this group of fine singers. However, let me tell you, it's TOUGH! I've NEVER been in a choir that requires so MUCH out of you during rehersal. Our Director, Dr. Brady Allred, is VERY particular about ANY sound we make. Some of the things are: Controlling and matching our vibrato with the rest of the choiror using none at all, How we say each and ev-er-y sy-la-ble of the wordsand what vowel shape they make, When to breath and especially when NOT to breath, Exactly how long we hold each note and when to close to the end of the word, specific notes that we are to crescendo or diminuendo into or out of, and how the phrase of the music should be sung and where the music or words lead to. He MAKES us have a pencil in our hands at all times and whenever he tells us something important, he will yell, "I don't see any pencils moving!" He's a very nice guy too. He only gives us a hard time in class because he wants us to work hard and he expects alot out of us.

Anyway, to make this whole this complete, I am sick with who knows what. I've gone from throwing up whatever I to a fever to a major league sore throat. I think I might have strep. I dunno. But This has all happened in the last three or four days. I started to throw up Tuesday and am sitting here, AT WORK mind you, with a sore throat and a scorching fever. I had the last two days off because I was sick but now there is no one else to work for me so I had to come in and stay here until 7:00. I even missed a WHOLE bunch of school these last few days. I can't sing while I'm sick! I tried today but I couldn't do it. At least I got the notes from the songs and phrases we practiced.