Friday, October 16, 2009

Glee with a Capella

Ok... Glee is amazazing! I love this show! It is such a refreshing change on Television now. A great use of such wonderful talent and that all of us get to see and enjoy. Why did I not think of a musical TV show? Why am I not ON a musical TV show?!?! That would be so fun!

If you haven't watched or seen any clips from the show. GO WATCH IT!

I recently come to realize that Musicals make me really happy. I did not understand the impact of it until I was watching all these online videos of Musicals or a Capella stuff. And I was giddy!! Like truly giddy and excited. Like nothing else could make me happier at that moment. Weird huh? I knew I liked singing and Musicals in general but NEVER became giddy about it before. I love it!

For those who don't know, I am in an a Capella group called "Vocal Tonic" (the name is lame... I know) and we started up practices again. We actually sound good this year and I think we have potential to be even better. We sing some pretty standard and basic stuff but we have a great group of guys that are pretty experienced with a Capella stuff. This group is more casual and we are singing to just have fun and boy howdy, I am having fun.

I also joined another a Capella at the U called "Infrared" (the name is tenative and subject to change but I like it WAY better then the other group). It's a very different style of group that has more Choral singing experience. Also, there are 2 Girls in the group so we have the ability to do different music then just all guy stuff. We are singing for the halloween concert at the U on Friday Oct 30th, and guess what? We are singing "Thriller" ... a Capella!!! And it is awesome. No joke! It makes me so Happy!

These groups are so much fun and I will try to post any videos or music we have from my performances. And GO WATCH GLEE!!!!!!!!


Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Scooter and Werewolves

I FINALLY got my scooter back from the repair shop this morning! Seriously, took forever to just get it down there and then have them look at the damn thing. They literally called me Saturday night after they had finally looked at it and told me what they needed to do and come Tuesday... it was done. Not only did I have to wait in a line for them to come pick it up (since they are in American Fork) but then it had to wait in line from those that had already been there before they even looked at it! grrrr...

Well, regardless of the stress and painful amount of time it took, it's back! And just in time for winter. :P I am just happy to be mobile and doing it on my own for now. :D No more rides, no more mom's car, no more Bus! yay!

Also, this weekend, I hosted an awesome night of Werewolves at my house on Saturday night. The weather was great and was not too cold. With blankets and pillows sprawled out in my backyard, a good 18 people were playing any given game. And then as it grew later, we all piled around my home made fire pit, cuddled up in blankets and chairs and played by the full moon light.

We plan on grouping up during the full moons as kind of a basis for when the next game shall be. I hope to be able to invite more of my veteran werewolf friends so we can be uber leet experts and really enjoy werewolves as it was meant to be. Ultimate werewolves is right up our alley as well. I can't wait to share it with my friends.

OH OH! The very last game... I was a werewolf AND WON! It was gloooooorius!!! But I am pretty sure my friends hate me now and don't ever wanna play with me again or will just kill me off right from the start. O.o I lied so good and played them just as good. Being a werewolf is so much fun! You should try it. :P


Friday, October 02, 2009

What to blog about?

That is the question...

Updates on my life? Pictures from events I go to? Diary of my day to day? Just to vent, vent, vent? I just don't know yet.

I like reading other people blogs but most of the time it's a quick skim of things, pausing at the interesting happenings of friends/family. However, I quite infrequently comment on the things I find I want to comment on. Facebook has allowed me to casually glance and respond to the passing updates and going-on's of most of the people I like to keep in touch with. But people update daily or even several times a day so I can easily choose what updates I wnat to chime in on and which ones to just ... look at.

Point is. What does this blog become? Do I want people to really know what is going on with me in an in depth way? or just a quick pass by of what I am doing and feel good about it with out commenting? Do I do it on an almost daily basis, when I do fun stuff, or just to vent...?

I guess I will see what I really want out fo this.

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Begin again... maybe

Is this blog really still here? Sure feels like it's exactly how I left it about a year ago.

I realize how un-advanced I really am with the whole internet-ness stuff that is out there. How lazy it is to think everything will stay the same. It's about time that I caught up and utilize what I have in my life RIGHT NOW to get where I want and what I want.

The big scary question is "What do I want?". I guess 10 years is not quite long enough for me to decide yet. :/ Well, it isn't 1999 anymore. And life around me has progressed forward in so great a way and I am still... I really don't know where I am anymore. /sigh

Until then, the internet has put a wealth of info and connection at my fingertips. Although it is intimidating and down right overwhelming at times, I will try to press forward with this blog in hopes my fear of "the future" quells with every blog entry. With most everything I do in my life, I don't know how long it will last...

Friday, November 07, 2008

WoW Wrath of the Lich King Trailer

I guess I'm kind of excited for this to come out in a few more days. :P Okay, I AM excited. but not like uber crazy go nuts excited. Might be fun, might be the same old stuff. We'll see on the 13th.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Impatient Kitty Wants Food

SO freaking cute! I half expected the dude to whack the cat with the fork to get him off. But that would've been not funny.

Just Waking Up

This totally reminds me of Toby. He is always sleeping weird like on his back in cute places. :P And does this stretchy yawny thing too. :( cute!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Face Book.. I gave in.

I finally gave in and created a face book account. So I guess you can come check me out on it. It's still all very new and I am retarded when it comes to using it but it's kind of cool. :P

Let me know if you have an account there and we can be friends.

Headzup: Sarah Palin Interview With Katie Couric On CBS

Holy Crap!!! This is Hilarious, like such as!!