Friday, June 13, 2008

My Kitty

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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

The Alien Saga

For the past month or so, me and my Roommate, Hamilton, have taken on watching the entire Alien Saga. My Roommate had never seen any of them so I decided to educate him on the subject.We just finished Alien: Resurrection last night so here are my thoughts.

Alien was good considering the time period it was made. It was very slow going and wasn't all blood and guts action. However, the story was a great setup for a much bigger story. Pretty predictable when people start wandering off alone or crawl around in small air shafts. DUH! You are gonna die!! Although there is a huge lame factor to this movie, it provides a great prelude to Aliens. (where the story actually gets good.)

Aliens is BY FAR the best movie in the series. I just love it. SO many great lines that are totally quotable.
"They mostly come out at night. Mostly."
"A day in Corp is like a day on the farm..."
"Gameover man. It's gameover."
"Get away from her you B****!"
Characters that you can actually remember names of: Vasquez, Hudson, Hicks, Apone, Drake, Burke, Lt. Gorman, Bishop, Newt, and of course Ripley. When they died it actually meant something. Especially when Burke got what was coming to him. He was such a Douche Bag. This movie is super intense and has lots of action where it counts. And the most memorable ending ever with the freaking Queen Alien vs. Ripley. Ripley rescuing Newt, Flame throwing the Eggs, Grenade launching the sack, the Queen in the Elevator, Bishop getting torn apart, the Power loader fight and blowing the Queen out the Airlock. Way good! I will continue to quote and watch this movie over and over again.

Alien3 began with quite a bit of explanation in order to set it up. They didn't explain what I saw as this HUGE hole. With Ripley being impregnated with a queen alien inside her, how in the world did an egg get on the ship? We know that the Queen made it on board from the last movie but she ripped herself off the egg sack when she chased Ripley up the elevator. Unless she just grabbed an egg on the go, I don't see how the egg got there in the first place. AND... There had to have been at least 2 eggs if one impregnated Ripley AND another got the dog on the prison planet. They are supposed to die after they lay the egg inside you, so 2 Face suckers had to be on the escape pod. hmmm... Anyway, Other then this obvious hole in my opinion, Alien3 is done well enough that it adds to the Alien story as a whole. Again, predictable at times when and how someone will die, it still provides enough suspense and action to enjoy. Being a more recent made movie, it was written with a broader audience in mind and it does itself justice. With the return of Bishop and Ripley's inevitable death, Alien3 provides enough closure for me. Contrary to popular belief, this was a great Alien movie.

Alien: Resurrection should have never been made. #1 reason: Wynona Rider. Sigorney Weaver is a strong enough female lead and should have been fine with her carrying the lead without sharing it with Wynona... /thumbs down. I don't know why they thought they needed to do that. Besides, Ripley was DEAD! her legacy and all that she gave after she killed herself to stop this thing from spreading. To go and RUIN her legacy and everything she did to exterminate these damn creatures was absolutely RETARDED. I cannot express how idiotic it was to even CONSIDER a 4th Alien. THEN they have a scene where she faces the "failed experiments" or clones of herself and one of them looks at her and says"Kill me!". (reminiscent of the scene in Aliens) How cruel is that!? She ends up having to kill herself?! Like she hasn't been through enough... Oh! Ripley is Half-Alien by the way. Yeah, she has acid for blood and can sense things like an Alien. Apparently, they cloned her with the queen inside her so she took on aspects of the Alien. And get this... The Queen they took out has human aspects! Yeah... she no longer lays eggs but has a HUMAN REPRODUCTIVE SYSTEM!! She gives BIRTH to Aliens now... oh oh the ULTIMATE reason this movie SUCKED! The Queen Alien/Ripley LOVE SCENE!!! NO JOKE! It was UBER gay and totally JBG! I repeat, this movie should have never been made. End of story.

So there you go. My Alien Saga review. If you read all of this, I applaud you. Let me know what you think and stuff. I'd love to hear your comments on these movies. Thanks!