Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ben's Bachelor Bash!

Congratulations to my friend and roommate, Ben, for getting married this Friday Aug 4th! To celebrate this grandiose occasion, a bachelor party ensued on Monday night July 31st. The evening was a great success to many skeptical attendants.

The night began with the gathering of friends at the residence of Mr. Benjamin Winters, where we set off to engorge ourselves at the luxury all-you-can-eat buffet "The Golden chorale". Expect nothing less for a group of 11 guys who can pack it in. Upon arriving we met up with other friends and began the feast of feasts. It was shrimp night and was not the favorite of our honored bachelor, Ben, but at the buffet, many OTHER items were choice above the abomination that is shrimp.

As dinner pressed on, we were delighted by the presence of an "past girlfriend" of the man of the hour. Melba, who was dressed in a purple moomoo, had a red spiky wig, glasses and nasty teeth, graced the scene with many embarrassing anecdotes about Ben and his future marriage to Kate. She spoke about Ben being busted by the Cops on faithful night up in Rexburg Idaho for making out in his car. She also reminisced on how she used to be his "Sugar Mama" and how they would go "bouncing" on the Trampoline all the time. If not to make Ben's face even more red, Melba transformed herself into Valerie and "busted" out of her moomoo, let down here hair and sang a little song in honor of him getting hitched. Everyone was a little worried that Doug had gone a bit too far when Melba disrobed her Moomoo but Doug knew, since we were in a Family restaurant, the fully clothed Valerie underneath wouldn't be inappropriate for this group of young Lds Men.

After having a great laugh watching Ben suffer and turn red, we left the buffet and headed towards home for gifts and stuff. On the wedding day, the Bride traditionally has the following: something "old", something "new", something "borrowed" and something "blue". Well, I decided to do my own simple version of this for the groom. In honor of weird Science the movie, Ben had to wear an "old" bra on his head as he opened up all his "new" and bachelor type presents. We will not mention some of the weird things that he opened... Just ask Ben. After presents we let Ben "borrow" some of our advice as he enters into his new lifestyle while leaving the single life behind. And we finished it off with a big "blue" cake and ice cream for the lucky man. (By the way, you might poop blue if you have some)

The night was rounded off with a rousing game of Halo2 with 10 of us on three TV's. After many victories and several pissed off moments, the party was, in whole, a complete success. Ben definitely enjoyed himself and that's what matters most.

Congratulations to you Ben and we hope you have a wonderful marriage!!! Thanks for being such a great friend and we love you!!!