Friday, October 16, 2009

Glee with a Capella

Ok... Glee is amazazing! I love this show! It is such a refreshing change on Television now. A great use of such wonderful talent and that all of us get to see and enjoy. Why did I not think of a musical TV show? Why am I not ON a musical TV show?!?! That would be so fun!

If you haven't watched or seen any clips from the show. GO WATCH IT!

I recently come to realize that Musicals make me really happy. I did not understand the impact of it until I was watching all these online videos of Musicals or a Capella stuff. And I was giddy!! Like truly giddy and excited. Like nothing else could make me happier at that moment. Weird huh? I knew I liked singing and Musicals in general but NEVER became giddy about it before. I love it!

For those who don't know, I am in an a Capella group called "Vocal Tonic" (the name is lame... I know) and we started up practices again. We actually sound good this year and I think we have potential to be even better. We sing some pretty standard and basic stuff but we have a great group of guys that are pretty experienced with a Capella stuff. This group is more casual and we are singing to just have fun and boy howdy, I am having fun.

I also joined another a Capella at the U called "Infrared" (the name is tenative and subject to change but I like it WAY better then the other group). It's a very different style of group that has more Choral singing experience. Also, there are 2 Girls in the group so we have the ability to do different music then just all guy stuff. We are singing for the halloween concert at the U on Friday Oct 30th, and guess what? We are singing "Thriller" ... a Capella!!! And it is awesome. No joke! It makes me so Happy!

These groups are so much fun and I will try to post any videos or music we have from my performances. And GO WATCH GLEE!!!!!!!!


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