Thursday, October 01, 2009

Begin again... maybe

Is this blog really still here? Sure feels like it's exactly how I left it about a year ago.

I realize how un-advanced I really am with the whole internet-ness stuff that is out there. How lazy it is to think everything will stay the same. It's about time that I caught up and utilize what I have in my life RIGHT NOW to get where I want and what I want.

The big scary question is "What do I want?". I guess 10 years is not quite long enough for me to decide yet. :/ Well, it isn't 1999 anymore. And life around me has progressed forward in so great a way and I am still... I really don't know where I am anymore. /sigh

Until then, the internet has put a wealth of info and connection at my fingertips. Although it is intimidating and down right overwhelming at times, I will try to press forward with this blog in hopes my fear of "the future" quells with every blog entry. With most everything I do in my life, I don't know how long it will last...


Lara and Jayson said...

I'm glad you're back, at least for a while :) We will miss you in St. George this weekend. I love your play list on this blog by the way. I have been listening to it for the past 40 minutes. I especially love the symphonic Mario Themes.

Brad and Barb Cahoon said...

Hey Doug! Paige set up a blog for me and Brad a year and a half ago. Maybe...and that's a maybe in the Doug Cahoon sense of the word... I'll just follow your lead and surprise her (and the rest of the world) by putting a 2nd post on it. Come see us in Seattle when you get some time. Love you BIG time. said...

That makes me feel good Lara. Thanks! It's just a bunch of random dumb songs I like. :P
Too bad i can't be there this weekend with you all! Bet it will be a blast!
Aunt Barb you are my FAV! You should totally blog! I still am trying to figure out what I will blog about but I bet you have TONS of interesting and fun things you do on a daily basis that we'd all love to hear about. Post that second post!!
I would LOVE to come see you guys in Seattle. Maybe I'll just
stow away in your awesome van on your way back after Thanksgiving! :P Tell Molly to bring an empty suitcase that can fit a fairly large and jolly Cahoon. lol